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Steps to the Madhouse by John Dempsey
*possibility of unavailability*
PDF format
$5.99 US
ISBN: 0-9731405-0-X

More info on this book, John Dempsey

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Florance Plum by Renee Angers
E-d/l format
Donated Work/Non-profit
Available at Expose'd

NOTE: Not currently available - Expose'd is being revamped. Check back soon.



The Human Case by David Barringer
$9.99 US
ISBN: 1-59109-448-8
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The last vestige of youth... by Ben Jezierski
PDF format
$5.99 US
ISBN: 0-9731405-4-2
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Ben Jezierski's "Last night's cigarettes..."
Spoken word CD
$10.99 US
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Brainpan:  Is a conglomerate of continuing efforts focussed on publishing and representation of quality Canadian literature and talent from and for those not intimidated into the patterned simplicity of our newer generation's quick fix and emulative lifestyle.

Brainpan Publishing : Literature as well as Spoken Word (Fiction / Non-Fiction / Poetry / Screenplay), and Music.
Several Brainpan books are offered in pdf format (e-books), which require Adobe Reader to view them.
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New Graffiti: The original literary zine is retired, but NG is still in Publication/existance in the form of a Tattoo Artist's Blog and Political Protest Pages/Group.

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