Renee Evaline - Conspectus
My name is Renee Evaline Isherwood. I began tattooing in the mid-90's doing mostly tribal work, but between the time I spent at my day-job as a customs broker and my then fresh career as a writer, as well as my after-hours love as a working musician, I had little to no time to spend on tattooing.

After a long hiatus away from the trade, I was able to devote much more time to tattooing at the start of 2010. I dedicated much of my time to updating my knowledge on all the ways the trade had evolved, prepared a professionally equipped studio, took the required courses and developed a very positive relationship with the Health Unit, and sought out and received some much appreciated guidance and assistance as well as the thumbs-up from artists in very authoritative positions. I also possess my certification with three different health and safety organizations in Blood Bourne Pathogens and Infection Control - certificate copies posted on my studio page.

My studio and practice have been inspected and year after year has been approved by the Windsor Essex County Health Unit. Sterile single-use needles and nozzle assembly are used each and every time. Virox AHP high-level sterilization is used on all work surfaces. All required and recommended health and safety measures and standards of procedure are strictly adhered to.

Although I split my time up between my still ongoing career as a portrait artist and a writer, when I do have time to take on tattoo pieces and designs, I give them my all.


Thank you for your interest.