**updated June 2017**


Anyone interested in scheduling an appointment with me is required to read this information page first.

...It only takes ten minutes and will save both you and I a lot of time in the long run.

I am a Windsor/Essex County Health Unit inspected, permitted and certified tattoo artist that adheres strictly to the health and safety policies and standards of procedure of the Health Unit.
This page includes not only MY policies, but some important health and safety Health Unit required information. It is my responsibility to make sure potential clients are aware of my studio's SOP's and
policies prior to scheduling appointment time. Thank you.


New Graffiti is not a walk-in shop - it's a private art studio. I work on a consultation first / appointment later basis ONLY.


  • "How much will it cost?" / "What do you charge?" --- Depends on the tattoo. My rate is $100/hr. ($80/hr for memorials - some restrictions apply) Minimum $100/$80. The average tattoo takes between 2 and 4 hours.
  • "Is there a long waiting list for appointments?"--- Winter months, the wait for a consultation is about 1-2 weeks, and for a tattoo appointment is about 3 weeks. Summer months are busier and wait times can be doubled.

  • "Where are you located?" New Graffiti is a private art studio. The address is shared with those who have fully read and understand this page, agree to the process, and have scheduled consultation time with me.
  • "Do you do .... tongue splitting?" --- Nooooooooo.

- piercings?" --- No.

-tattoo make-up?" --- No.

-tattoo removal?" --- No (not yet).

  • "I'm 16 but I have parental consent, will you tattoo me?" --- No. 21 and over only - NO EXCEPTIONS. Yes law is 18+, but 21+ is my choice and policy. (You will be asked for photo ID proof of age at consultation if you appear to be too young)
  • "Do I really have to read this?" --- If you want a tattoo from me, yes you do.
  • "Do you tattoo out of your house or ... ?" --- I tattoo out of my Windsor/Essex Health Unit inspected, approved, permitted to operate/certified and professionally equipped private STUDIO . I live in my house. I do not live in my studio. So, no, I do not "tattoo out of my house".
  • "Can I just come now?" ---No. ALL hours are by appointment only and tattoo appointments are only scheduled after a consultation has been attended and you have been taken on as a client.
  • "Why isn't my tattoo showing up in your gallery?" ---Not all tattoos I do end up posted in my gallery or on my FB page. The reason is nothing personal. I only post images of tattoos that fit in with what I specialize in and display my style.



  • There is no smoking in the New Graffiti studio.
  • I will NOT schedule any kind of appointment to anyone that has NOT read ALL of this page, and all clients will be required to sign a condensed version of this information page during their consultation.
  • I prefer not to tattoo anyone that hasn't been tattooed before, but depending on the size, the client, and the tattoo (falling under my specialties) I will do small pieces on newcomers.
  • I will NOT tattoo anyone under 21. (***You will be required to show photo ID if there is any question as to your age - updated January 10-2017***)
  • Please do NOT bring your ANYONE to consultation OR your tattoo appointment. Not your kids or spouse or bestie. No one! (Occasionally it is OK for a regular/trusted client to bring ONE adult (over 18) guest with them to an appointment, if I was asked first. Depending on the appointment, it is usually NP ... but please DO ask first)
  • I will NOT tattoo X-rated areas - scalps - inside of mouths - eyelids (inside or out) - anywhere on the head - the palms of hands or the souls of feet - or faces - (I will only tattoo ribs/sternum, knees, elbows and throats on those that have been tattooed extensively before)
  • I will not tattoo anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • I will NOT tattoo you if you have a medical condition that--in the event of incident--could put my Health Unit "permit to operate", my tattoo career, yourself, and even myself, at risk, and this includes the very elderly that are in weakened states, pregnant or nursing women, or those on certain kinds of medications. If your condition is mild and under control, a permisive doctor's note will be required before receiving a tattoo.
  • I will NOT tattoo you if you are infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, or any other highly infectious / contagious disease. You will be required to sign a legal waiver prior to receiving your tattoo that includes a declaration that you are NOT infected with the above mentioned diseases. (**inclusion requirement by Windsor Essex Health Unit – 05/2017**)
  • I will NOT tattoo you if you are sick (flu/cold ETC). Please call to re-schedule - your deposit will carry over. If you show up and you're sick, I reserve the right to cancel the appointment. I know you want your tattoo, but I have other tattoo appointments scheduled that I would have to cancel if I am sick.
  • I will NOT tattoo or grant appointments of any kind to anyone through third party communications. I will need to speak with YOU, and have YOU in for consultation.
  • I will NOT schedule tattoo appointments to anyone that has been pushy, disrespectful, expect impossible miracle cover-ups and monetary exceptions, behave in an inappropriately manipulative or aggressive manner, or disrespect that I complete my art for and on people in my private studio; not a public walk-in tattoo shop.

None of these policies are negotiable!! NO EXCEPTIONS!!

I reserve the right to occassionally amend my policies and/or rates. It is always wise to check the date at the top of the page to see if any changes were made since your last appointment or enquiry.



Click here to see my gallery for a better understanding of what I specialize in ...



Call or e-mail to schedule a consultation. I will need the following information:

  • Your name - age - phone number - descr. of tattoo design you want, where you want it, and size. Also, you will need to confirm that you have read this page.
  • E-mail images/ideas can be helpful.
  • Bring enough payment to cover design fee and appointment deposit (see explanation of fees below for amount - $100 to be safe)

Contact information at the bottom of this page.



Although there is no charge for a consultation, it IS appointment time - time I have prepared for and set aside for you and it isn't OK to schedule this time with me and just not show up.

Just ONE "no-show" ensures that I will NOT schedule time with you again.



Rate: $100.00/hour ($80/hr for memorial tattoos) - $100/$80 minimum.

Appointment Deposit (to hold your appointment): $20.00 (deducted from end cost of tattoo)

Design and Processing Fees: $40.00 and up ($20 for processing/scanning/stencil and $20+ for design time)

**Straight portraits from photo only requite 'processing fee' of $20 - no design fee**

**If you already have a completed image/design, it will only require 'processing fee' of $20 - no design fee** (however, if I do not feel I am the right artist
to complete the image/design you want, I will be up front about it with you.)


  1. During your consultation be as clear as you possibly can about what you want. I can't read your mind, so examples, drawings, along with the clearest description possible are all a huge help. We will then come up with a design "plan" together and I will make very sure both you and I are in complete agreement and pleased with the plan before we proceed with any talk of fees.
  2. I will consider the time involved in designing the tattoo you want and propose to you my design fee amount. If agreed upon, design fee is paid. Always keep in mind that this fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  3. In a week or so I will e-mail you a rough draft of your design (in some cases I send the finished design depending on the client and tattoo).
  4. At this point you can either request small/reasonable changes (this first round of changes are no charge), or approve the design (or design draft/direction).
  5. If you request changes, I will make them as per requested and re-send. If further changes are then requested, an additional fee will be charged before any further time can go into the piece.
  6. Once approval has been received in e-mail/writing, your design will be processed for your tattoo and your stencil will be made.

During consultation, if you put down your "design fee", you are hiring me to design and complete your tattoo. The design fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. That is why it is SO IMPORTANT
to be very sure that what I specialize in and my style are a match with the tattoo you want, and that you are pleased with the design plan.





I tattoo because I love the artform; I don't do it to get stressed.

If I can't find some level of enjoyment out of a tattoo piece, I might as well not do it at all. For this reason I reserve the right to only take on projects I will enjoy doing, for people I will
enjoy doing it for. If I don't feel I am the right artist to complete your desired tattoo, I will be up front about it. It is more than likely just a matter of style -
what I specialize in and what I don't - don't be offended, it's nothing personal ......

Yes, it is YOUR skin and YOUR tattoo ... but it is also MY work. I have to be as proud of my work that goes out there as you are to wear it.




ALL HOURS are by appointment only.

Studio CALL-IN hours: Mon through Sun 9AM to 5:30PM


Renee Evaline
New Graffiti Tattoo





New Graffiti Tattoo is located in the Amherstburg/Harrow/Kingsville area.
Address of studio is shared with those who have read and understand this page, agree to the process, and have scheduled consultation time with me.
Thank you.

Please make sure to visit the NG website to see samples of work, view the studio, certification, and
for more information: