The Garden
Publisher:Mushroom/Bladud Books
Released: 2011

ISBN-10: 1843198290
ISBN-13: 978-1843198291
Available: Bladud Books,  Mushroom, Amazon.UK, Barnes and Nobel, Waterstones,

Ice and a Curious Man
/Bladud Books
Released: 2002/2007

ISBN: 978-184319-610-5
-Featuring excerpts of poetry by John Dempsey
Available: Bladud Books,, , Amazon.UK, Barnes and Nobel

Also available by order at any bookstore with ISBN number, title, and author name.

Also available by order at any bookstore with ISBN number, title, and author name.

...Writing as...
...writing as Renée Angers (brought into this world with a reasonable amount of screaming protest as Claudette Angers, middle name Renee); I am a writer of mainstream fiction, although my style leans in a slightly grittier direction than most conventional mainstream; my work has been categorized as urban fiction, noir without the detectives, and in some cases even dark comedy and horatian satire.

Creatively I began as a musician playing bass, guitar, and drums, as well as composing for a multitude of bands over the years. It was in 1999 when a song I had written transformed into my first novel Wasted Land which was contracted for a five year run with a small indie publisher based out of Washington. For a decade afterward I worked on staff for several local entertainment periodicals (Vox, Upfront Magazine, The City Crow, The Essex County Crier) writing commentaries, reviews, and informative pieces on the art community, as well as founded and headed up the (original) literary periodical New Graffiti (not to be confused with the very recent new graffiti Publishing at WordPress).

During my time with NG I gained valuable experience not only writing, but editing and working behind the scenes of the publishing industry. It also granted me the wonderful opportunity of working with and managing an incredible staff of writers and gave me the enormous pleasure of landing interviews with such names as John Martin of Black Sparrow Press (publisher responsible for discovering acclaimed poet and author Charles Bukowski), and Steve Albini of 80's/90's punk band Big Black, and recording engineer (Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Pixies, etc). It was also during this time that I wrote two novels, which are currently published and available through Mushroom Publishing / Bladud Books.

Presently I can still be found residing, writing, running my tattoo business (under my marital name) Renee Evaline Isherwood - New Graffiti, and generally existing as a well mannered member of society in Southwestern Ontario with my zany husband Steven, and our zany dogs, Daisy and Gumdrop Twinkle-Toes (Petunia).

In Loving Memory of my sweet little angel girl Honey - I love and miss you more than any words could ever describe my beauty.

Always you. Only you.

May 2001 - June 2013

All of the work I create as of June 25, 2013, is dedicated to Honey; and in her name, I will give it all of the heart that she didn't take with her.



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